About company

Our company was created by a group of health professionals, who have studied for years modern scientific achievements in the spheres of extension of lifespan, prevention of different diseases and fixing the ‘malfunctions’ of the human body

In addition to the latest scientific developments, before founding this company we also studied the ancient experiences of Chinese and Indian medicines, Ayurveda culture and the experience of Japanese healthcare industry that helped the Japanese become the global leaders in longevity.

Creating AHLP, we decided to take all the best practices and merge the centuries-old experience of ancient people in the sphere of health and longevity with the most important scientific achievements and discoveries.

We have decided to offer people the products that would provide the most up-to-date instruments for stronger health. We have also set the goal that all AHLP products be natural, not containing any harmful additives or chemical components.

Creating AHLP products, we took the natural components as the basis and made the firm decision not to use chemical preparations anywhere.

Studying the experiences shown in Ayurveda medicine we discovered that practically all health-related issues can be treated without resorting to the use of chemical preparations.

In addition to the existing, tested by centuries, formulas, we used unique developments in our products that we created based on improvement of the existing formulas and on our own research and development

Our approach for development of AHLP products is based on the fundamental principle of viewing a human body as a single inter-related system. We are deeply convinced that viewing body organs separately is a wrong and inharmonious approach that violates the basic principles of functioning of the human body.

We see the human body as a complex ‘multi-node’ mechanism and focus not only on restoring its functions and achieving its long and continuous operation, but also on issues of proper care, its cleansing and maintenance. Creating AHLP, we did not aspire to fight illnesses and problems. Our goal is to create technologies and products that let you be healthy from the start and avoid the conditions of the body that may lead to troubles and malfunctioning. We believe that it is right not to let problems happen, rather than later try to deal with finding a way to fix them.

Our experience and views led us to creating a company that is the generator of the “thought of the world” in the area of health and longevity technologies.

AHLP is the company that brings people the most important thing – health!

AHLP is a name that guarantees highest quality and proper approach to creation of any product!

AHLP is a natural and logical instrument that provides you with an opportunity to live long and happily!

Our Mission

Our mission is to give the world instruments for achievement of happy and healthy life!

We want the people seeking a solution to their health issues or the people who have simply decided to stay healthy and to avoid the situation when they have to find a way to deal with problems, to have high quality instruments for achievement of their goals.

Our life is cyclical, we age, our body gives in and earlier or later each of us leaves this world. We cannot stop this process; it is inherent in nature, it is in our genes. However, we can make the time of our terrestrial, bodily life, pleasant and painless. Taking the right approach we can make our old age happy and joyous.

We believe that the right path is when a person, having lived a long and happy life, leaves this world with a smile on his face, leaves the natural old age, because it is time and not because some ‘unit’ in his body system broke down due to improper maintenance.

We want to rid every person of misery and unpleasant feelings, which treatment of diseases involves; we want to provide each and every person with instruments to live a long and happy life. This is our mission!

Because AHLP is:

Our product

AHLP offers an extensive line of products that include popular medications and components, for instance OMEGA-3, Resveratrol and Ginkgo Biloba, as well as unique formulas and inventions that we managed to find or develop
Creating our product line, we wanted to, first, offer solutions for statistically most frequent health issues and, second, to provide people with instruments to stay healthy. We also worked on products for cleansing the body and keeping it healthy

Our product line can be divided into three logical blocks:

Classic medicines

Widely known medicines that have been proven effective and popular instruments for healthy improvement

Best formulas collected from all around the world

These are the medications that are less known to the wide public that we found and selected from all around the world thanks to their unique properties, effectiveness and natural components

Unique original formulas and inventions of AHLP

Medicines that we developed based on our own research

Furthermore, there is a detailed description for each our product, which describes its properties and explains how it works and its effect on the body.

Creating our products we decided that those who will use them must not only get the expected result, but also understand the processes of how it is achieved. That is why we gave so much attention to product descriptions and package inserts.

Our research has shown that a deeper understanding of the processes of the body gives a positive effect through improvement of sensitivity in the issues of everyday self-diagnosis of the work of the body. We saw that the people who understand the logic of the processes are more effective in self-diagnostics and adjusting their lifestyle based on their experiences. They can determine that they need a specific diet, intensity of workouts or rest much better

In the future, we are planning to launch a major information portal on the basis of our site that will contain information about the laws of body processes, descriptions of all medicines, their possible combining and also many other interesting materials, which we use to produce our products and conduct research.

We are open to all types of partnership!
Send us your proposals and we will consider them

We are always happy to see:

  • New distributors
  • Scientists
  • Production companies
  • Design and package experts
  • Marketing and advertising specialists

We are open to any proposals that could help promote our products, improve their quality and attractiveness. We are also open to competing companies for merging our potentials and providing mutual assistance in achieving common goals.